Agrim Fellhorn

Species : Human. Occupation : marshal (between 30 YA and 55 YA), duke of Galdveldt (between 33 YA and 60 YA).
Date of birth : 23 BA, Galdveldt. Date of death : 60 YA, Galdveldt.

Son of Karven.
Agrim has one son, named Gjorvald.

Appearances :

Era I, chapter 54 : With several other members of the royal army, Agrim steals the armours the abbey gifted the king.
Era I, chapter 63 : Agrim searches the abbey's archive, suspecting the abbey still has the armour his father took from Lyubomir.
Era I, chapter 65 : Agrim takes over the title of marshal from his father, even though only the king can bestow the title.
Era I, chapter 74 : In the duchal mansion in Galdveldt, Agrim dies.

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