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Collapse of Light (02/2022) by Until Death Overtakes Me

 Tracklist (total length = 118:53)

1. Dread
2. Collapse of Light
3. Aeons Away From Home
4. Death-blooms Perpetuate
5. Dread Afterimage
Collapse of Light
A fair bit of time has passed since the latest UDOM concept albums, Antemorten (2017) and Missing (2018). I released other albums since then, but those were either instrumentals, or didn't have a single unifying concept behind the music.
Collapse of Light is the first album of the next UDOM chapter, offering two hours of funeral doom right away. Work on this chapter started in 2016 already, and there are a few elements that date back even further. Sometimes it just takes a bit before ideas solidify into music (and I don't tend to rush such things). I have no ETA on any next installments, but will likely release other UDOM albums in the meanwhile.

This album can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

This album is also available as 2 high-quality CD-Rs with printed CD, 2-page insert and inlay. Check out the store page for more info.


They're here - I see them - they're clawing at the edges
They're here for me - heralds of the end
They're here - I feel them - digging into my mind
They're here for me - heralds of the end
They're here - they're here
I'm no more
I'm no more

Collapse of Light

light grows old - an age must end
and take us all past remembrance

leave us be in this void-storm
in these last of days

rays of pure black, claws of the void
pour us from time, lock us in the past

dead light falls - ashes build tombs
a world of the past, away in the night

let our eyes break in the dark
as we fade into shadow

and thus are we taken from time
we are not to be remembered
we without shadows or eyes

Death-blooms Perpetuate

death-blooms grow wild in your eyes
you canít see
canít see
canít see past
death-blooms lay claim to your heart
death wants it
wants it
gets it all
death-blooms spread dark across your mind
and all is
all is
all is lost

Dread Afterimage

I still see you
I still see white light
There are no gods for this hurt
I dream of an age when parts of us, stripped of everything, might meet in the chaos of the great churning forges of reality, unawares of ourselves.
But I know a history such as ours will never come to pass again. The future is nothing, forever.
I still see you
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